Girls 0-3 months 'Too Good to Throw' summer bundle

Girls 0-3 months 'Too Good to Throw' summer bundle

1 x George yellow spotty sunshine t-shirt with 'you are so loved slogan'
1 x George white t-shirt with rose gold 'well done mummy & daddy I'm amazing' slogan
1 x Next yellow fine stripe t-shirt with capped sleeves and button fastening back
1 x George blue jersey dungarees with pretty pink floral print
1 x Primark fluro pink fine striped dress
1 x Early Days pink and white striped jersey dress with frilled shoulders
  • Too Good to Throw

    The Twinkling Tiger 'Too Good to Throw' bundles are clothes that have been dropped in but have not quite met the high standards we set to sell in the main shop. 

    This means thet may have a very small mark, be a bit more bobbled than our standard clothes or be something that we would not normally accept (like a hat for example).  They will definitely not be stained, damaged, have holes in them or have loose seams.

    We believe though that these clothes still have life in them before they need to be recycled - maybe for nursery or pre-school wear, for playing in or just generally rolling around in so we are selling them in bargain bundles so they can just be loved a bit more!


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