Ragnets (blue pastel multi)

Ragnets (blue pastel multi)


6 Ragnets made from a variety of pastel blue patterned fabrics. Each Ragnet measures 2cm in diameter.

  • Ragnets information and care

    Twinkling Tiger Ragnets are made using metal buttons, magnets and fabric cut from rags (aka good bits of fabric cut from clothes that were otherwise worn out).  This means that each one will be completely unique depending on the type and colour of fabric available in the recycling pile!

    There may be little additions of other fabrics and embellishments just to provide the finishing touches but they really are about recycling old clothes rather than sending them to landfill. 

    When you receive your Ragnets they are ready to use straight away. They are not waterproof so please try not to get them wet but if they do get dirty just give them a gentle wipe with a damp cloth.