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Our story

Hi, my name is Kathryn and for most of my career I have worked in HR but for many years I have had a dream to set up my own business selling preloved children’s clothes, doing something to help reduce waste and find ways to live more ethically and sustainably.

For years I sold things we no longer needed at home in my spare time, from household bits and pieces to furniture and my girls clothes and toys (mostly with their knowledge!) You name it I have tried it ... car boot sales (online and in person), auction sites, Facebook pages and Marketplace amongst others and have enjoyed knowing that things we no longer needed or wanted were being used and loved again by someone else!

Then, as a family, we made a life choice in 2018 and moved from our hectic lives in Berkshire to the more rural idyll of mid Suffolk which has allowed me the time and energy to get my dream off the ground …. so the concept, and now the reality, of Twinkling Tiger has been born!

Thinking about what was important to me, and looking around to try and understand what is also important to other people today, helped me to come up with the finer details of what Twinkling Tiger is all about: 

.... the cost of clothing children (and the rate they grow!);

....what to do with outgrown (and often not outworn!) clothes; 

....decluttering homes (thank you Marie Kondo for helping me 'spark joy'!);

....and, more than ever, helping the environment by living and shopping more ethically and sustainably, 

our planet needs protecting for future generations.

Twinkling Tiger's key values will therefore always be based on:

- Re-using, refreshing and recycling

- Operating as sustainably as possible

(including packaging which will always be recycled, re-used and from sustainable sources wherever possible)

- Offering great quality clothes at affordable prices

- Caring about customers and the experience they have ...

whether you are buying or selling I aim to make you a fan of Twinkling Tiger!

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