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Twinkling Tiger Recycled

A new time to shine for old clothes!

The ethos behind Twinkling Tiger is reducing waste therefore when we get clothes that are just beyond being worn again we give them another chance and turn them into something new!

We are quite proud of this part of the business as it means that we're really making a difference by not sending any of the clothes that come to us to landfill even if we can't sell them, plus we make a donation to charity from each Twinkling Tiger item sold. 

These clothes may have had a hole or a stain or just be pulled out of shape ... whatever it is we salvage the good bits and then get creative. We even save the non fabric bits ... buttons get removed and used for decoration, seams get chopped up and used for stuffing or ties and pictures are cut out and used again.   

The items you find on this page are the end result of lots of snipping, sewing, stuffing and crafting ... each will be unique as they are handcrafted using whatever idea and whatever fabric we have at the time so no-one else will ever have the same and once they're gone they're gone!

 With every purchase from the Twinkling Tiger Recycled range you will be doubling the difference you make as for each item sold we make a donation of 10% to Possible to do our bit in supporting their great work with environmental causes such as climate change, reducing plastic usage and saving bees. 

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