Black, green or in between?

How important is sustainablity for you at Christmas? Does any eco thinking all go out the window as soon as the John Lewis ad comes out, are you a disciplined eco gifter and

celebrator or are you somewhere in the middle wanting to do more but in reality short of time and ideas?

COP26 made climate change big news this month which is great, even if the overall results seemed somewhat disappointing at least it made the topic widely discussed for a couple of weeks and it feels like real pressure is starting to be put on the government and country leaders to act. It also feels like more and more people are becoming aware that some of the ways we have been ‘consuming’ for decades now need to change – from the use of fossil fuels and plastic to thinking more about re-using and upcycling every day items.

Last year I wrote a blog about making more sustainable choices at Christmas and with festive ads galore, Heart Radio launching Christmas songs and Black Friday and Cyber Monday looming I thought it would be good to reflect my thoughts and ideas for this year before being tempted to fall into the media frenzy of festive splurging.