Selling your clothes with Twinkling Tiger

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What clothes do you take?

We accept new and preloved baby and children’s clothing from 0-12 years (including fancy dress and
non logo school uniform) and shoes up to adult size 4. 
Clothes can be any brand but must be in good, undamaged condition with size and care labels in place, and not counterfeit or copy.
At this time we do not accept accessories (eg socks, tights and hats), underwear, home made items or any clothes that
do not meet our quality checks.

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How does it work?

Value brand clothes

(eg Primark, Supermarket, H&M, M&Co, New Look)

Clothes will be quality checked and purchased from you up front on a price per kilo basis: 

£2.00 per kilo preloved

£2.50 per kilo if new with tags

High Street, high end and designer brand clothes 

(eg Next, M&S, Mothercare / Joules, Mini Boden, Fatface, Little White Company /any designer branded clothes)

For these clothes you can choose the option that best suits you. Some people prefer to just be paid for all their items straight away whereas others do not mind waiting and checking back, getting payment based on only their items that sell:

We can purchase quality checked items from you straight away on a price per kilo basis:

High St = £4.00 per kilo

High St = £5.00 per kilo if new with tags

High end & designer = £6.00 per kilo

High end & designer = £7.00 per kilo if new with tags


Sell on a 'pay later' commission basis where you get paid for any items that sell:

50% if you do not want items returned to you

40% if you would like anything that does not sell (or is not accepted) returned to you


You are very welcome to donate clothes to help the Twinkling Tiger mission of finding new homes for good quality clothes where they can go on new adventures, save mums and dads some pennies and help save the planet! 

Once we have accepted your items for sale, we will use one or more of our channels for at least 6 months to attempt to sell your item.  The 6 month period may not be directly after receiving your clothes due to seasonal demand and the volume of clothes being processed.

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How do I get my clothes to you?

There are a number of ways to get your clothes to us:

- You can drop them to us in Rishangles, Suffolk IP23 7

- If you are in the local area we may be able to collect from you

- You can mail them to us - please get in touch to discuss postage options and details of where to send them

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What happens if my clothes do not pass your quality checks?

Our quality checks are very stringent and sometimes it is easy to miss small marks, loose stitching, runs or holes when you check them at home. If you do not wish items to be returned to you then any items that are not accepted for sale will, wherever possible, be treated in one of the following ways:

  1. Included in a 'Too Good to Throw' bundle

  2. Upcycled into a new handcrafted item

  3. Donated to a local charity