Less is more ... and it's good for you (and it's not about food!)

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Lockdown has given a lot of people time and energy to tackle tasks they have been putting off for ages! Ring any bells? Decluttering, having a good clear out, tidying up, reorganising - call it what you will but it has been one such task and a popular lockdown activity and I bet Marie Kondo (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying) has found her books and tv show back in high demand.

In simple terms decluttering is removing, reducing or rationalising things in our immediate environment and it is believed that by doing this we are actually tackling stressors head on which is good for both our physical and mental health. That feeling of achievement, tidiness and starting afresh all contribute to the feelgood factor we get when we have removed excess clutter and reorganised what is left.

I am not sure I subscribe whole heartedly to the Marie Kondo school of decluttering …. talking to my clothes and seeing if my hairbrush sparks joy is not really my idea of how to decide what needs to go from my house (and let’s be honest would have Mr Twinkling Tiger and the children in hysterics for days!!). Maybe William Morris is more my cup of tea, he once said have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”. In plain speaking I like to keep the volume of our family possessions in check whatever the approach I guess! There is no better feeling than having a good clear out every now and then (while looking for ways to recycle what we no longer need of course – watch out for another blog post on this!)

The first challenge though is to work out what and where your ‘clutter’ actually is … what one person calls clutter another calls treasure (just ask my children!!). And remember clutter may not actually be just physical ‘things’ you can see … digital space can also gather ‘clutter’, think about computer files, digital photos and of course all those emails!!

It may feel a bit daunting if you haven’t had a clear out in a while so here are my top reasons why it will be worth doing: