What top 10 link Twinkling Tiger, coconuts, nasty greenies and evil film?

The answer is .... my top 10 list of switches and changes to help save the planet! With a big part of the ethos behind Twinkling Tiger being about being kinder to the environment and the world we live in I thought I would share a bit more of what we have changed as a family to live more in a more sustainable way, reduce the waste we create and generally think more ‘green’.

I sometimes wonder if the things we do as a family are really making a difference – in reality we are only 4 people out of billions but then I remembered the Kaizen principle which I came across in my corporate career. Kaizen is the Japanese word for ‘improvement’ or ‘change for the better’ and, focuses on the cumulative effect of small ongoing changes to get large overall improvements. I think that sums up perfectly our approach in the Twinkling Tiger household – we are one small group who have all pitched in to find ways to make small changes but hopefully are forming part of a large overall improvement being made by the human population.